Thursday, August 29, 2013

Review of Jayanti Basu's ' Reconstructing The Bengal Partition - The Psyhe under a Different Violence'

"Published by Samya the book has tried analyzing the complex feelings of hatred and longingfor the homeland that has contributed to  shaping the personalities of a generation of people who were forced to migrate under the shadow of a fear that they could not fathom, much less comprehend....

Dr. Basu draws on her experiences as a psychoanalyst, and tries to delve deep into the events of the greatest migration in history through the collective memories of her patients...

... book also dwells on the anti-Muslim violence and the ferocity of Hindu anti-socials in Kolkata during the riots, and helplessness and gulit teenagers witness to the killing of innocent Muslims harboured for years. Even as it turns to look back objectively at an event that geographically redrew boundaries, and created divisions where there were none, this captivating document demands that we learn from history. It is also an appeal to recognize our common legacy in the wake of the myriad problems the partition created."

Reviewed by: Rina Mukherjee

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