Thursday, July 11, 2013

Review of 'Reconstructing the Bengal Partition : The Psyche under a different violence

THE TELEGRAPH reviews Jayanti Basu's Reconstructing the Bengal Partition

"...In the book, Reconstructing the Bengal Partition, Jayanti Basu has searched the depths of the human psyche to fish out what little of this inexplicable 'something' can be explained through psychoanalysis. although her discussion focuses on one particular historic event, it is actually much more than that- it is the beginning of  quest to understand, or decipher, such layered words as pain, memory, fear, longing, rootlessness and nostalgia. Basu generously explains the methods she has employed to decode the interviews of people displaced by the partition of Bengal and of those who experienced it as a distant event. By analysing a collection of such interviews, she has explored the psychological impact of this unique and complex 'trauma' on the collective as well as the individual psyche..." 

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