Monday, April 22, 2013

'Tiny Sliver of the City's Cosmos'

Sketches by Hootum the Owl: A Satirist’s View of Colonial Calcutta
8.5 x 5.5” hb,  288pp ISBN 81-85604-86-2 Rs 800

Chitralekha Basu thanks The Book Review for reviewing Sketches by Hootum the Owl by Kaliprasanna Sinha in their April issue.

'Calcutta by nature is a city so multifarious and so intractable that it spills over the brim of any work of literary or artistic endeavour to seize it' says Basu. According to her no literary work can be more representative of Calcutta than Kaliprasanna's 150 year sketch.
‘It was indeed heartening to see a work of translation about social life in mid-19th century Calcutta, an area of so-called niche interest, given considerable space in your esteemed publication.
…Indeed, Sketches by Hootum is a ‘tiny sliver of the city’s cosmos’ as the reviewer suggests.’
Chitralekha Basu

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