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In Search of a Better World: Memoirs

In Search of a Better World: Memoirs
Jolly Mohan Kaul
Foreword by Amlan Dutta
Afterword by Aditi Roy Ghatak
demy octavo hb ISBN 81-85604-99-1 Feb 2010 Rs 550

‘I had joined the Communist Party in pursuit of an ideal, the building of a new society… a new and better human being would evolve.’ Thus propelled, aged 19, Kaul goes underground in 1941. He works with the Calcutta Port union, helping to organize a successful strike for 80 days; he spends 1951-53 in jail and becomes the secretary of the District Committee. He marries a fellow communist, Manikuntala Sen. The corruption and lowering of ideals of the Party made both Kaul and Sen leave in 1963, without a career, income or savings. He built a new career in PR with Indian Oxygen to help in corporate social responsibility, to committed economic journalism with his stint as editor of Capital, and returns to the education of workers in the Gandhi Labour. Kaul provides an insider’s view of the communist movement and the Communist Party, invaluable for understanding their trajectories and history. He presents path-breaking memoirs, showing what an individual can do to induce meaningful change.

Jolly Mohan Kaul is a social activist.Professor Amlan Dutta, the distinguished economist and Gandhian, has served as Vice-Chancellor of Visva-Bharati and University of North Bengal.Aditi Roy Ghatak is a well-known journalist who has known the author for thirty years.

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