Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thinking Women: An Introductory Reader


Thinking Women: An Introductory Reader
Edited by Navaneetha Mokkil and Shefali Jha

This reader attempts to see the workings of gender in day-to-day lives. The selection of material is wide ranging in terms of form and content, including creative writings in English and translations from other Indian languages, autobiographical narratives, newspaper articles, theoretical pieces, and a selection of visual material like advertisements and cartoons. The editors have been propelled by a constant attempt to foreground differences and to see how vectors like caste, class, sexuality and religion complicate one's experiences of gender, which open up issues for discussion, and make available different perspectives without offering any neat resolutions. The Reader juxtaposes different voices in such a way that it undermines the subject position of the middle class/upper caste Indian woman.
The larger aim of the book is to engender a different way of reading itself, to provide the readers with tools to conceptualize their ordinary experiences.

Navaneetha Mokkil and Shefali Jha are members of Anveshi, Centre for Research on Women, Hyderabad, and graduate students at the University of Michigan and University of Chicago, respectively.

ISBN 978-81-906760-0-7 pp 350 approx

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